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their turn. delegates begin arriving in charlotte for the democratic national convention as president obama hits the campaign trail then heads to louisiana for a firsthand look at the damage left behind by isaac today. firing back. the church of scientology blasts a new "vanity fair" article that claims it auditioned potential wives for tom cruise. this morning who they believe is behind the startling allegation. and out of control. a driver at a monster truck rally in oregon plows over a protective barrier and into the stands. three people rushed to the hospital. what caused the accident and why that driver will not face charges today monday, september
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that driver will not face charges today monday, september 3rd, 2012. captions paid for by nbc-universal television and welcome to "today" on this labor day monday this morning. i'm natalie morales. >> i'm carl quintanilla. matt and savannah have the day off. the kickoff for the presidential race. >> the republicans had their moment last week, now it's the democrats' turn. what do they have panned for their convention in charlotte this week? what message does the president need to deliver to reconnect thursday night? we'll talk about that with a top ranking member of his campaign. >> firefighters are hoping cooler weather will help in
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their fight against a dangerous wildfire that forced thousands of labor day campers to evacuate. the smoke so thick, it can be seen from los angeles more than 30 miles away. details coming up. live to london where prince harry is scheduled to make his first public appearance since the now infamous party pictures in las vegas showed up online. later outside for the holiday crowd on the plaza for matchbox 20. we love you. >> their first album in 10 years. it's good to see they are back and will be here performing for us. we do want to begin now with the presidential race. chuck todd political white house director and correspondent, he's at the convention. >> labor day marked the start of the general election. that's clearly no longer the case. heading into this convention the obama campaign believes they are in the bess possible place they can be given the tough economic times, but that doesn't mean
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they are necessarily in a winning place. campaigning in colorado sunday, president obama is setting the stage for his democratic convention message saying the republican convention was like a time warp. >> it was a rerun. it could have been on nick at night. we've seen it before. >> and blasting mitt romney as out of touch. >> those ideas don't work. they didn't work then, they won't work now. >> mr. obama in the middle of a swing state tour leading to the convention, barn storming through colorado, iowa, ohio, traveling to iowa and virginia tomorrow even as the president tries to cast the campaign as a choice between two competing visions for the country. when it comes to the question whether americans are better off than they were four years ago the obama campaign is on the offensive. >> we were this close to a
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depression. because of the leadership, we sta staved that off. >> you want to know about the first term. general motors is alive and well, osama bin laden is not. >> they hope though move beyond the are you better off theme and focus on the future. it's a point the president has been making every since he kicked off his relebs campaign four months ago. >> it's not just about how we're doing today. it's about how we'll be doing tomorrow. >> meantime the obama campaign noticeably pivoted back to the argument it should be a referendum on the president's record. >> the critical issue facing american voters is the economy. >> 23 million out of work, stopped looking for work or underemployed. let me tell you if you have a coach that's 0 and 23 million, you say it's time to get a new coach. >> reporter: for the first time rom singled ut republicans for criticism, specifically congressional republicans for running up deficits during the bush administration. >> we had the lead, we let
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people down. we have to make sure we don't lead them down. i will cut the deficit and get us on track to a balanced budget. >> the president does take a little bit of a break from the campaign trail today. he goes down to louisiana where he will tour storm damage. that is something romney did on friday. natalie. >> chuck todd, thank you. stephanie cutter is president obama's deputy campaign manager. stephanie, good morning. thanks for joining us. >> good morning. thanks for having me. >> let me begin with starting with the central question on people's minds, that is are we better off today than we were four years ago when president obama was elected? >> absolutely. let me just walk you through what life was like four years ago right now. in the six months before the president was elected, we lost 3.5 million jobs, wages had been going down for a decade, auto industry on the brink of failure. our financial system, this is just about the time you're seeing banks go under. all over america middle class families were feeling it. they have been feeling it for
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over a decade. let's take a look where we are today, losing 3 million jobs in the six months before we took office, lost 800,000 jobs the month the president took office. today we've created 4.5 million private sector jobs, the auto industry. today is the number one auto industry in the world. let's take a look at wages. for decades wages and incomes fell. over the last year we've seen them start to rise deny. by any measure the country has moved forward over the last four years, it might not be as fast as people hoped. the president agrees with that. he knows we need to do more. that's what this week is about, laying out a road map of how we can continue this progress, how we can continue moving the country forward. >> you still talk about the 1 million people still unemployed. the central question to a lot of people and what they want answered is how would a second term under president obama be any different and what can they look forward to? >> well, you know, natalie, there's a piece of legislation sitting before congress right
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now. the american jobs act the president sent up a year ago that would create jobs for people, investing in infrastructure, ensuring teachers can stay in the classroom. we need someone on the other side of the republican party we adopt have one right now. in terms of looking forward, the president will lay out this week where we've been, where we are today and where the president wants to take us in the future, creating an economy built to last is ultimately our sole objective. to do that we have to create an economy built to last with a strong middle class at its core. that ultimately is the choice in this election, whether we want to move forward, build a strong middle class, an economy meant to last or back to the policies, very same policies mitt romney is putting on the table now that will crash our economy and punish the middle class. we've seen that happen. we know it doesn't work. why would america want to go back? >> let me ask you, you talk
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about the president needing to have a willing partner in congress. republicans continue to hold the house and quite possibly take the senate. how will politics as usual be any different under a new term with the president? >> i think the american people need to decide that. they are going to decide that on november 6th. as the president has said, we need to make a decision. do we want to break the fever in washington, send a strong signal to washington about moving forward. the only reason we're not moving forward on critical issues like deficit reduction or putting a million jobs out there for the american people is because republicans won't give a dime of taxes for the welly to help pay for these things. they aren't willing to ensure wealthy pay their fair share. that's what's holding up progress. people on november 6th can make a judgment. do they want every american to pay their fair share, for the wealthy to kick in more just like they did in the 1990s. we saw the greatest economic growth, expansion in the lifetime or stay the course,
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ensure we can give like mitt romney's wants to do an additional 250,000 tax cut for millionaires but make the middle class pay for it. that's ultimately the choice. the voters will december november 6th. >> stephanie before we let you go, the president said the republican national convention, basically we heard not a single new idea. he said romney basically offered a retread of the same old policies. he said it could have been a rerun of nick at night. how will the president differentiate himself? what can the american voters expect to hear from him that's going to be different in the near te hear a lot of things different this week than you heard last week. first of all, this week will not be about personal attacks or platitudes or trying to rally our base. we'll be speaking to all americans. secondly, we're going to speak honestly and openly about the tough choices we need to make to move this country forward. the president when he speaks thursday night will lay out the road map of where he thinks the
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country should go if we truly want the economy that's built to last, one that's a strong middle class not outsourcing and loopholes, which is where mitt romney wants to take us. we'll have that discussion openly and honestly. the president is very much looking forward to it. >> stephanie, we'll leave it there. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> good luck with the busy week ahead. >> thanks so much. >> by the way savannah is going to be live in charlotte, complete coverage of the democratic national convention that's starting tomorrow on "today." >> let's get to make of the top stories of the morning with natalie over here tamron hall at the news desk. >> good morning, everyone. a wildfire has forced thousands of holiday tourists in southern california to change their plans. it broke out sunday when a car caught fire near a camp site in the angeles national forest. visitors were ordered to evacuate that popular recreational area will the fire has grown to 3600 acres. it was just 5% contained overnight. aircraft joined ground crews.
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a fire destroyed large sections of a historic hotel complex in portland, oregon, sunday. flames were shooting through the roof when firefighters arrived at the thunderbird lodge. officials said old furniture and mattresses added fuel to the fire. the hotel was vacant because it was up for sale. there were no injuries there. floodwaters from hurricane and tropical storm isaac are still posing serious problems in rural, louisiana. nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest from new orleans. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. the president is expected to travel here, a trip the white house said was scheduled before romney's visit last friday. almost a week after hurricane isaac made landfall in hard hit plaquemines parish, flood victims are applying for federal aid. as the national guard airlifts h hay to cattle, emotions are raw. >> i couldn't stand to see it
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anymore. and the smell is awful. it's just the most -- it's one of the most horrible things i've ever seen. >> reporter: today in st. tamany parish, the pearl river is expected to crest at 19.5 feel. officials are considering whether to evacuate 5,000 homes. >> we have gauges along the river at different places. we will test, see what those gauges tell us, be in touch with the public. >> meanwhile flood victims are speculate some towns like la place, lafitte, slidell, more than usual in the city's levee system. >> makes me angry, put this flood system up, which is a good thing, but you're not going to worry about where you're pushing the water. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers now says it will investigate but expects to find any impact minimal. >> we would not have built a system that would have induced flooding in other places. >> reporter: so far the army corps has spent more than $10
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billion on that flood protection system behind me. meanwhile this morning about 130,000 homes and businesses in louisiana are still without power. tamron. >> all right, gabe. thank you very much. two americans were wounded today when a car filled with explosives crashed into a u.s. government vehicle near the american consulate in peshawar, pakistan. two pakistani staff members were also injured. the u.s. embassy in pakistan called the attack a heinous act. unification church will hold 13 days of mourning starting today forrist founder the reverend sun myung moon. he died this weekend after coming down with pneumonia. moon's religious movement, actually started in the '70s and spread around the world. the church was widely known for its mass weddings. it built a business empire that included newspapers and schools. reverend moon was 92 years old. ntsb looking into an air crash that killed a veteran in
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davenport, iowa. the pilot gave no indication of trouble before his plane nose dived to a field and burst into flames. no spectators were injured there. another amazing accident this. one caught on tape as well this weekend. a monster truck veered out of control during a race in harrisburg, oregon. look at that video. three spectators were hurt. i was told no injuries were threatening. the driver lost his hydraulic steering. it is now 7:14. back to natalie, carl. the video, thankfully no one was hurt. >> luckily it was not worse. the weather channel stephanie abrams in for al. she's here with a check of the weather. we were just saying what a great job you did at the weather channel covering isaac. >> isaac still bringing rain along the east coast now. the front from ohio down to the
7:15 am
southeast. we're going to see a lot of rain out of this as well. we could see a couple inches for some of you as you head over the next 24 hours. look at the heavier totals, up to four inches in some locations in alabama and also into georgia. for the rest of the country, it good morning. scattered light showers this morning. a few thunderstorms will develop. >> carl, over to you. >> stephanie, thanks. prince harry said to return to the spotlight following his much talked about trip to las vegas.
7:16 am
michelle kosinski is in london. michigan, good morning. >> reporter: hi, carl, yeah. plenty going on here lately and plenty involving the royal family. we saw prince andrew rappel down the side of the tallest building in western europe, one young royal is about to make a much needed positive appearance. >> high-profile world stunts go, this might be the most extreme. bond style parachuting entrance, this one is real. prince andrew let 39 others including british marines on ropes down the side. >> slipped the whole way down the first section. >> the tallest building in these parts at more than 1,000 feet. each participant had to raise $40,000 benefiting outward bound and military. >> this was all prince andrew's idea. he looks out of his window at buckingham palace and said i'm going to do that. by doing this he's raising something like $2 million. >> the royal family has been
7:17 am
hugely supportive of super human feats lately at the paralympic games. >> they coordinated in polo shirts and red sneaker, dressed down and in the rain. >> the duchess of cambridge. >> kate went unrecognized in the store trying to buy a wet suit. referred to herself simply as mrs. cambridge. not so easy to blend in lately, prince harry. over the weekend a tabloid published an account of the incident, my wild night with naked harry by a young woman who claims she was there, albeit 20 minutes saying she kissed the prince calling it a drunken fumble. he was wasted but a gentleman. the palace says it was not true. harry will emerge in public in an awards ceremony involving
7:18 am
sick children and their caregivers. >> he's been a bit of a naughty boy. i'm sure in time he'll be forgiven like he always is. reality is he's a brave chap, going to be back on the frontline at some stage and he does an awful lot for charity. yes, i think people will forgive him. >> reporter: it's been no secret that harry, an apache helicopter pilot has been going through predeployment training. there is a growing buzz we could see him return to afghanistan very soon. carl. >> michelle kosinski, thanks. 7:18, again, here is natalie. >> the great wall of china is one of the most famous landmarks. new secrets are just being discovered along its 5500-mile path. here is nbc's ian williams. >> reporter: this the usual image of the great wall of china but further afield its derelict watch towers and crumbling ramparts are still being skpord.
7:19 am
in this province it disappears into a vast lake, which is where we traveled with american explorers determined to unlock the secrets of the submerged wall. >> it's about 3 or 400 meters worth of wall that was submerged when this whole valley was flooded. let's take a look. >> reporter: the wall snakes down into the cold and murky depths of what's now a reservoir this section built by the ming dynasty 650 years ago. >> the best part of it is we get to have a sort of 360 experience on the wall. we get to be above it, beneath it, around it, to the side of it. it's a view we don't get otherwise. >> on the surface the drive was monitored by william lindsey, one of the world's leading great wall explorers who has trekd more than 1500 miles of it. >> are there any structures like watch towers down there? >> there is. there's a watch tower right in the middle. >> reporter: the watch tower sits in the gloom 50 feet
7:20 am
beneath the surface, remarkably well preserved as are defensive arch ways. lindsey believes this was a crucial strategic appoint in what was a river valley on the route to beijing. any valley was perceived as a potential invasion point. from the chinese point of view they knew they had to defend a location like this very well. >> reporter: this might not be the easiest way of exploring the great wall of china, it does give a unique perspective on this incredible structure. >> reporter: for lindsey it served as another reminder of a love affair that kept him in china for 25 years. this area was flooded in 1977 shortly after the cultural revolution when there wasn't much concern about preserving the country's heritage. >> so the actual water level now is just about -- just a tad below. >> lindsey's preference is still for exploring the wall on foot,
7:21 am
though he hopes efforts to preserve the wall will be helped by unlocking the secrets of the lake, which also hold an endless fascination for the explorer. >> it's just amazing. you can't dive the pyramids but you can dive the great wall so that's pretty cool. >> reporter: ian williams, nbc news, china. >> just fascinating. meanwhile coming up, a new and revealing look at allegations that the church of scientology conducted top secret auditions to find potential brides for tom cruise. we'll tell you what the church is saying about that. but first this is "today" on nbc. ♪
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news today in baltimore. >> good morning. i am stan stovall. here's a look at a couple of stories. fire crews are trying to determine what sparked a two- alarm blaze at a popular seafood restaurant in dundalk. fire crews responded just after 7:30 sunday night. authorities say they saw the flames in the basement. everyone was able to able it outuninjured.
7:27 am
in baltimore city, police are searching for a person behind a deadly shooting trade the 22- year-old was attending a house party in alameda. investigators say that someone fired shots from a block away and she was struck in the chest. investigators did not leave she was the intended target but was struck by a stray bullet. let's turned over to tony pann. >> not the best forecast if ever delivered for a holiday. we have hit and miss showers out there. 75 at the airport, 73 in randallstown. it is humid. ray rice settled down from last night. we are picking up some scattered showers out there. other showers in delaware right now.
7:28 am
other thunderstorms will redevelop into the afternoon. scattered thunderstorms in your neighborhood and some of those will produce heavy amounts of rain. we will keep the chance for rain at 60% tomorrow. pretty good chance for rain on tuesday. hoping we get dry
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7:30 now on this labor day monday morning the third of september, 2012. you can see rockefeller plaza is packed. in fact, some of those folks started camping out saturday, if you can believe it, to have the best seat in the house for matchbox twenty. they will take the stage and we are so looking forward to it. i'm natalie morales along with carl quintanilla. savannah and matt have the day off. you may want to take a trip to the mall. many of them are offering perks and incentives to win back business. we'll show you coming up. speaking of shopping.
7:31 am
some retailers are rolling out new lines for kids who struggle with their weight. is a pretty plus size sending mixed messages. we'll get into that. >> the search for the elusive yeti who believes they have discovered the mythical creatures true identity. let's begin with the church of scientology auditioned girls for tom cruise's wife. >> good morning. a lot has been said about the role of the church of scientology in the tom cruise, katie holmes breakup. now a report the church had a top secret problem to find cruise a wife. long before public displays of affect, long before tom cruise jumped on oprah's couch to profess his love. >> we haven't seen you act this
7:32 am
way before. >> reporter: there was a lot she didn't know about marriage scientology style according to a report from "vanity fair." the magazine sites several unnamed sources saying after his breakup with nicole kidman, the church devised an auditioning process where actresses were called in, told they were auditioning for a new training film and asked a series of personal questions. >> it was a lot of personal questions and a lot of questions about what do they think about tom cruise. there was no audition lines. there was nothing. so it was an odd thing. >> reporter: in a recent interview mark headley told "dateline" in 2004 he worked for the church in video production and discovered the purpose of the audition videos. >> they are actually auditioning girls to be tom cruise's spouse. >> reporter: he sued and lost. scientology called him a disgruntled former member
7:33 am
accused him of embezzlement. he denied allegation and no charges were filed. in a statement told nbc news the allegations about the church supposedly auditioning prospective brides for tom cruise is a false piece of gossip floating around the tabloids sourced to a group of anti-scientologists. still some find it plausible. >> tom cruise has been involved with scientology for a long time. he's high up in the church of it's not surprising they are involved with all facets of his personal life. >> reporter: in a preview of its report "vanity fair" focuses on the actress well-known for her work on the tv show "how i met your mother". >> funny. you're funny, handsome and really quite clever. >> reporter: "vanity fair" said in late 2004 they celebritied her for, quote, an important mission, which turned out to be a date with tom cruise. according to the magazine she sensed this was possibly going to be an arranged marriage.
7:34 am
the two dated for a couple of months before cruise allegedly grew tired of her. she was eventually sent to a church center in florida and forced to do menial labor according to "vanity fair." now, the church of scientology says it does not punish people like that. we reached out but were unable to reach her. a spokesperson from tom cruise said lies in a different font are still lies to sell magazines. >> an explosive headline, nonetheless. thanks so much. now a check of the weather from stephanie abrams in for al. she's outside with the crowd. hey, steph. >> hi, natalie. i found the ultimate fans. these folks came from florida to see matchbox twenty. how long did you sleep out? >> two nights. >> how was the weather? >> perfect. >> a little wet this morning. overall quite cool outside. that's not the case in the center of the country. hot, hot, hot. look at 90s spreading into south dakota. otherwise the weather will be
7:35 am
phenom >> good morning. we're off to a quiet start. scattered thunderstorms will develop this afternoon. some concede local >> for your concert or labor day forecast 24 hours a day, all you have to do is go to natalie, over to you. >> stephanie, thanks so much. online shopping might make your life easier but hurt the bottom line of brick and mortar retailers. a trend that is leading to big changes in malls across the country.
7:36 am
>> reporter: it's that time again, parents and students hitting the stores for back to school shopping. retailers are fighting for your dollar with heavy competition from online shopping. but malls are fighting back offering new services to turn your shopping trip into a unique experience. instead of just buying products. >> we're going to create a lift. >> you get to take part in something special. >> usually when i go to get a facial, i go to a spa. but it's good here to because you're coming to shop. >> i like to touch everything and smell it. you can't get that when you order online. >> reporter: it's not just for adults. malls are offering new ways to entertain your kids. at this mall in florida, kids can spend hours creating their own works of art. >> the families come here. they can paint, spend time together and also eat. we have the best cupcakes in
7:37 am
miami. >> reporter: this store even offers classes and hosts birthday parties. >> it's a nice quiet place to spend time, a fun creative outlet to be part of. >> you can come with your best friend and make an experience together versus online alone shopping. >> reporter: according to the national retail federation, nearly 40% of the people surveyed said they plan to shop online for back to school items this year taking advantage of sale prices and free shipping. that means malls have to work harder to get your business. >> you're a retailer. you will be able to offer both a physical location as well as a very strong online sales experience at the same time. those that can do that are the ones that will win. >> reporter: for today kerry sanders, nbc news, miami. and up next, did mitt romney accomplish his goals at the republican national convention, and what does president obama need to do to reconnect with voters when the democrats get their turn this week. we'll talk about all that with
7:38 am
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google, how far is earth to the moon? moon is 238,900 miles... the great moment had come... ...3...2...1 back now at 7:41 with more on the battle for the white house. the democrats get their moment in the spotlight with their convention in charlotte. chris matthews is the host of "hardball." he's there. >> four years ago it was about hope and change. the voters have been through a lot since then, the economy has been through a lot since then. can the president reinvigorate the party as we kick off charlotte. >> they will have to. all the debate we'll be covering about the past, the election is about the future. obama has to get people to
7:42 am
double down on him. has he to convince them it's going to get better the next four years than past four years. it's all about the future. >> i want you to take a moment and look back at last week. paul ryan brought his conservative credentials to the ticket. there was a lot of criticism about his convention speech. some said he actually made false statements in the course of it. does it damage his credibility? >> i think he came in as an eagle scout and lost a few merit badges. i think he's going to be watched carefully by the media in terms of his facts. the gm plant closed under w's watch, not obama's. he did walk away from the debt commission, simpson-bowles before the president walked away from it. there's some whole truths missing and half truths. i think he'll have to be very careful down the road here. >> who ended up being the true star, in your view, of tampa, ryan, eastwood, romney? >> not eastwood. mitt romney not only did a competent performance, he did a
7:43 am
very good performance. i think that's going to give him a lot of confidence going into the first debate in october. the fact that he did so well. i think he had tremendous faith in the words he was speaking. he spoke them slowly. there's an economy of words he used. he knew what he was saying was going to work. it was going to get an applause. i think that confidence is going to build towards the first debate. >> chris, let's talk about this documentary airing on msnbc tonight. you actually returned to 2004 when a lot of americans got their very first look at barack obama. the speech that ended up introducing him to the nation. let's take a listen. >> the pundits like to slice and dice our country in the red states and blue states, red states for republicans, blue states for democrats. but i've got news for them, too. we worship an awesome god in the blue states and we don't like federal agents poking around in our libraries in the red states. >> all around us there were people who were crying. halfway through, i thought this
7:44 am
guy's life is changed and it will never be the same. >> chris, i want you to compare the senator who gave that speech to the man who is in the oval office now. >> a lot of experience behind him now. he's been president for four years. he caught with bin laden, dealt with the financial crisis, passed the first ever health care bill which people have been fighting for since teddy roosevelt's time. a lot of history has passed. i think what i'm trying to do tonight in the hour long documentary, give people a sense if this was all there was to obama, what's passed, what was done now, where would he go in the history books. i wanted to give a really good accounting where we stand now that gives a better perspective than day to day reporting. >> do you believe he can exceed the impact he made in '04 and '08. >> that would be hard to do. we will debate bain capital, the questions of how we're doing with the economy. it all comes down to direction. two great poll questions we ask at msnbc, are we headed in the
7:45 am
right direction? that's tough for obama. does this guy care about you and me. that's tough for romney. they both face tough challenges. neither one is the complete candidate in terms of caring about us and being able to fix our problems. we haven't found mr. perfect in either candidates. >> chris, the president speaks late thursday night, friday morning we'll get job numbers for august. how much of his re-election chances pivot around those numbers. >> if he gives a barn burner, carl, 10:30 thursday night. then wets a higher unemployment rate friday that will crush his bounce. if, however, there's some good news. say, you're covering the economy, say 200,000 new jobs in the previous months, that will help his speech rise higher. it really has to be a double punch for him. he needs a good speech and he needs some good economic news friday morning. you're dead right. >> finally, chris, improving jobs numbers, are they a liability for romney or is there a counter argument to that?
7:46 am
>> all elections come down to yes or no. you like the way things are going you vote for the incumbent. you don't like the way things are going, you vote for the challenger. bad news is good for romney, good news is good for the president. it's as simple as that. >> chris matthews, thanks. catch the documentary, barack obama, making history. tonight 10:00 eastern on msnbc. again, savannah, we'll be live in charlotte beginning tomorrow on "today." still ahead the pros and cons of new plus size clothing lines in girls as young as 3 years old but first these messages. can change everything. one try can relieve your nightly congestion without the blowing the stacking the steaming. that's the transformative power of one ingenious little breathe right. try one free at and open your nose instantly. feel the power of air sleep like you mean it and rise to mornings alive with activity. breathe better, sleep better. one free try is all it takes.
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offer ends october 20th. weight watchers online finally, losing weight clicks. tall creatures or tall tales? legends of the yeti have been around for ages. now the search for the larger than life creatures is getting serious academic attention. will there be proof the yeti actually exists? here is nbc's chris miller. >> reporter: stories of the yeti entered two centuries when tales of a huge human-like creature reached us from the himalayas. gigantic footprints found in the snow, sightings by mountaineers. >> long hair. much taller, a huge man. >> reporter: the world's largest archive of material in the yeti stored in this museum in switzerland. some 25,000 pages devoted to
7:50 am
unexplained creatures. >> sasquatch, yeti. >> reporter: now oxford university professor brian sikes, the author of dna usa is using his expertise in dna analysis to test organic material connected to the yeti. >> like most people i've always been curious about what these really are. it's highly unlikely we will find an entirely new species, but we might. >> reporter: the highest point on our planet is no place for man. a few years ago i went to base camp for the "today" show. no sighting of the yeti here but the locals told stories of a giant man-like creature that slaughtered their yacks. professor sikes is teaming up with a zoologist to search for worldwide evidence of the yeti's existence. so far they have discovered tall tales. >> a creature frozen in a block
7:51 am
of ice. >> reporter: but no hard evidence. a mountain ear says eer encount creature. >> they are standing this size. >> reporter: a decade long search for the yeti, found the mythical monster. >> no doubt a bear which local people call a snow bear. >> reporter: could this be what people call a yeti? hunted and killed in the 1930s by a nazi expedition in the himalayas, the body donated. other witnesses claim the yeti is, in fact, an ape. >> this thought by most people to be extinct. compare the size with your jaw. this would have been 8, 10 foot
7:52 am
tall. up toward the ceilings. >> reporter: as long as people continue to search for the yeti, the myth endures. if science unravels, believers may not be able to bear it. for "today," keith miller, nee nbc news, the italian alps. >> are we sure it's not roker playing a practical joke. >> could be. doing footprints now. still ahead a concert but first your local news and weather. 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb to help rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time. [ female announcer ] ensure muscle health has revigor and protein to help protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. keeps you from getting soft. [ major nutrition ] ensure. nutrition in charge!
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>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> here is a look at some of our top stories. passengers on more than a dozen flights have their holiday plans these delayed by fire at b.w.i. thurgood marshall airport. over for tried to cut fire at an air traffic control office and stop all air traffic -- a refrigerator caught fire at an air traffic control of his and stop all air traffic for 20 minutes. authorities say that the impact to travel is minimal. a house fire in northeast baltimore cleanse the life of an 88-year-old woman and sends a good samaritan to the hospital.
7:57 am
a row home caught fire at east north avenue. a neighbor tried to get inside but cannot reach her. the cause of the fire remains under investigation. let's get a check on your insta- weather-plus forecast with tony pann. >> we have a little bit of light rain down in a few neighborhoods, but that will likely change into the afternoon. bigger thunderstorms will develop like yesterday. dew points in the low-to-mid- 70's. heaviest rain in new castle county, delaware. flooding rain possible in some neighborhoods of around baltimore this afternoon. it and is thunderstorms are likely after lunch time. high temperature of 83 degrees this afternoon.
7:58 am
everybody heads back to work and school. chance for rain goes down to 40% on wednesday. on wednesday. maybe so
7:59 am
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8:00 now on this monday morning september 3rd, 2012. it's labor day. we have ontreat for our crowd today, matchbox twenty. they are reunited for their first all new album in a decade and here for a live concert in our next half hour. meanwhile natalie morales here alongside carl quintanilla. matt and savannah will be back tomorrow. also a story that's a sign of the times. >> retail rolling out plus sized
8:01 am
clothes for girls, sometimes 3 years old. it can make back to school shopping less stressful, that is a healthy term to use for children of that age. >> the class of 2020. this year two families are facing some big change as we head into the school year. we'll show you what's going on in their lives. >> coast guard coming to the rescue of russell crowe. did you hear about this? >> i did. >> for more on that let's go inside to the news desk, tamron hall. >> good morning, everyone. many people across the los angeles area were jolted awake by an earthquake this morning. the quake was centered in beverly hills and shook much of the west side of los angeles. it was felt from marina del rey to hollywood. a sharp jolt of a quake that magnitude does not cause structural damage. republican candidate mitt romney is resting in new hampshire. his running mate paul ryan will invade charlotte, north carolina, where the democrats
8:02 am
hold their national convention this week. president obama will highlight the auto industry's comeback during a campaign stop today in toledo, ohio. we'll also tour storm damage in southern louisiana. flooding from hurricane isaac is slowly receding but the threat of high water has some neighborhoods in rural louisiana still on high alert. officials in st. tamany parish are closely monitoring a breach, a lock on the pearl river and considering evacuations of 5,000 homes. power crews are still trying to restore electricity to more than 100,000 customers with no power. the popular angeles national forest campgrounds are closed today as 300 firefighters battle a wildfire that's grown to at least 3600 acres. thousands of visitors were forced to leave sunday when that fire started. apparently heat and brush fires fueling the blaze which is only 5% contained. flames lit up the night sky
8:03 am
as a monster fire in portland, a five-alarm fire destroyed much of the thunderbird lodge. fortunately the hoelgt was vacant because it's for sale. old furniture and mattresses helped fuel the fire. what's trending today, what you're talking about online. we know when michael phelps wins something. the most decorated olympian collected more than $100,000 over the weekend. he tweeted i wish i had won $100 k but it's not true. in the movie russell crowe is the master and commander of the seas. in real life he and a friend had to be rescued by the coast guard after losing their way kayaking off long island. crow in long island filming a movie tweeted his thanks to the coast guard for guiding their way home. nearly all of this summer's
8:04 am
countless covers of carly ray jepsen's call me maybe. two british musicians gave their interpretations yahoo! their accents. ♪ what do you think you've dar lynn ♪ >> less than a week, 380,000 views. natalie, carl, we thought we'd seen every rendition. i think that one might be my favorite yet. >> tamron, thank you. let's get a check of the weather. stephanie abrams in for al. hey, stephanie. >> i have eight sorority sisters on the loose. where are you from? >> alabama, tennessee. >> what's best so far.
8:05 am
>> the tour. we have eight kids and wonderful husband that is take care of them. >> very sweet. let's look at the forecast. the pick city, that is denver. slightly above average. 89 and isolated storms. a look at the rest of the country shows the heat will stay in the center of the country. plenty of sunshine for that otherwise showers along the eas good morning. scattered light showers this morning. a few thunderstorms will develop. >> carl, we've got a birthday boy celebrating 28 wonderful
8:06 am
years here in the bag. happy birthday. >> thank you. >> happy birthday. thanks a lot, stephanie. when we come back, the big business of plus sized clothes for kids as young as three years old. why some parents object to that term for their little ones. plus matchbox twenty live. ( telephone rings ) hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup! they're whole grain good... and yummy good. real fruit pieces. 12 grams of whole grains
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8:09 am
this morning on today's consumer, finding clothing for all kids. retailers are offering roomier sizes for girls as young as three years old. good morning. >> good morning. a lot of parents appreciate there's more choices available. while boys choices have been called husky, some wonder if calling toddlers sizes plus is the best choice of words. most little girls want to look hip and cool and dress like their friends. but for a growing population of overweight children, finding clothes that are larger and still in style is tough. now retailers are offering roomier fashion for young girls. >> that would like pretty on you, right? >> right. >> reporter: chief industry retail analyst marshall coen says stores are realizing there's big money offering bigger clothing for children.
8:10 am
>> the plus size clothing for kids has been around a long time. it kind of faded away. it's now coming back with a vengeance particularly in the girls' market. >> reporter: most people recognize husky for boys. now stores like sears have recently launched a girls pretty plus size. not only does the line mirror the standard-sized girls apparel, it's also prominently displayed in the same area on the floor. >> pretty plus for girls has been popular overnight. with the success of the brand, we have expansion plans in place already. >> reporter: while sears focuses on 7 to 12, other retailers like the gap, old navy, the children's place are cashing in on roomier clothing for younger girls, ages three and up online. what does plus sizes for girls really mean? the extra two inches in the waist of these jeans and a t-shirt that's wider and longer. >> plus and husky fits the
8:11 am
heavier built child. >> reporter: fashion expert bought a plus-sized skirt for her daughter, almost three and taller than average on the children's place website. >> she doesn't fit into the 2t, 3t, typically 4t in most brands. the 4 plus fits her and is a little loose on her where i typically put her in a five or six. >> reporter: while she admits she likes having a better selection of sizes and fashions for her little girl, she does wonder if the term plus is the right label. >> a child being able to have the same clothes everyone else their age is wearing is a great thing. however, you're attaching a label to it like plus size and this child is seeing that from an early age. will they feel like they are still different from everyone else? i'm not sure. >> reporter: no matter what you call it, it's a growing trend for america's growing children. >> that's pretty. it's sparkly. >> reporter: retailers say plus is just how the industry
8:12 am
recognizes wider clothing. calling it pretty plus to make you feel empowered. >> see how we feel about that. a parent struggling to find clothes for her 11-year-old daughter morgan. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> let me ask you first sears seems to be committed to that. this have explanation plans in the pretty plus areas. how committed are they? >> a lot of parents giving them feedback like thank you so much. girls can shop with their friends in the same department. that's a big deal. they don't have to go online, hide. jcpenney has stuff. most stuff is online. they are committed to expanding this. >> you've been shopping with your daughter and she's been having trouble finding clothes since she was a little girl. >> she's tall. we can't find sizes appropriate agewise or size. >> morgan, you're only 11 years
8:13 am
old but you're already 5'9". you're going to tower over all of us. it is a a problem, i imagine, fitting in. what looks like little kids clothes does not fit you? >> it's not fun not being able to shop with your friends because you have to shop in a different center or different shops because they don't have your size. but it's not that hard anymore to find clothing. it's still hard but places are now understanding. so even finding apparel just to do here was hard because we had to go to different stores just to clothing pretty but age appropriate. >> well, you look beautiful. you look perfect, picture perfect. i know, in fact, you want to design your own line for young girls who are experiencing exactly what you're experiencing. why is it you want to dwed indicate yourself. >> i know what they go through,
8:14 am
it's different for them. it's hard for me so i don't want them to go through what i have to go through. the next generation may also be my size or bigger. i don't really know. >> what do you think of the words, though, plus size for girls? do you take any offense to that? >> i don't enjoy the word plus. i'd rather them just put numbers like they do for other kids. >> that's a good idea. is that what you would do for your fashion line. >> i don't think they appreciate the word plus. >> you would have a number system and make it easy for everyone to figure out? >> yes. >> sharon, the fact this is now offering a lot more opportunities, places for you to shop, do you see this as just the beginning of what's going to be a huge trend? >> i'm excited. i think that trying to buy online, it's hard. we want to go in the stores. we want to see it. she's very fashionista. it will be nice to find clothes. i don't have to go to five different shops and shop in the junior section, i'm excited.
8:15 am
>> they can shop together with their friends. >> morgan, what's your line called? what should we be looking for? >> morgan mackenzie. >> good luck with that. >> thank you. >> nice to have you here. thank you very much. still ahead we have a live concert on the plaza from matchbox twenty. but first your local news. hey! you kids almost ready? i've got breakfast waiting for you. wooo! uh oh. what? mom's doing her exercise video again. when mom's on a health kick, all of us are.
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and, then, had the bluetooth and the navigation that diana really wanted. [ diana ] and it was a sport edition, so it felt really grounded to the ground. [ man ] grounded to the ground? yes, yes! grounded to the ground. [ male announcer ] see their story and more at the camry effect. camry. from toyota. back now at 8:18 with our class of 2020, where we followed kids from the first day of kindergarten to high school graduation. as a new school year begins two students lauren and jordan are moving away from their friends and the only homes they have ever known. >> we have some good-byes. >> reporter: for lauren, the end of fourth grade is more than just the beginning of summer. >> lauren, you're embarking on a whole adventure.
8:19 am
>> on the last day of school lauren signs and gathers as many signatures as she can before the final bell. >> hope you enjoy your new school. >> it's only been a couple of weeks since lauren found out her mom is being transferred 400 miles away for work. >> we had been talking to her that it was a possibility that we would be moving, so she was open to the idea and knew it would happen. >> lauren is taking the news in stride but her friends, not so much. >> we were having dinner together. it was the day she found out she was moving and i was not happy. >> lauren, i will really miss you. >> for lauren the emotional blow of moving so far away is softened a little by some surprising news from one of her classmates. >> just recently found out we're moving pretty close to her. >> jordan's father took a lucrative job offer when jordan was in second grade, but it
8:20 am
forced him to commute more than 600 miles round trip every week. >> it's kind of hard because we don't get to see him a lot. >> jordan's mom says he's excited to get a chance to spend more time with his father but he's sad to leave his friends and home. >> when we left to take him to the airport, he asked that he could be the last one in the house. i think that was his moment to just take it all in and realize he wasn't going to be back here again. >> jordan and lauren's parents are moving to neighborhoods only 20 miles apart, giving both families a chance to maintain a connection that started five years ago. >> i truly believe that the class of 2020 bond will really keep us connected without years. >> as jordan spends his last day at home, it's moving day at lauren's house. >> okay. i think it's packed to the top. >> after packing her clothes and taping up her fishing poles, lauren spends a few more minute in the bedroom where we first
8:21 am
met her in 2007. >> we're in my bedroom for the class of 2020, standing right there. >> it was the first day of kindergarten and lauren's mom gave her a matching pendant to make her first day in school a little easier. >> lauren, hi, how are you? >> i remember walked into the room and i had my blue heart necklace on and so did my mom. we both gave a kiss. >> five years later lauren and her mom pack up the pets while her dad stays behind and finish the move, lauren says good-bye to her old home. >> be good, okay? >> okay. >> take care of your mom. >> bye. >> and hello to a new life. >> are you doing okay?
8:22 am
>> it's okay. >> and lauren and jordan are signed up for their new school, so we wish them the best for fifth grade. already hard to believe they are growing up fast. if you want to follow along with our class of 2020, follow the website. >> meantime speaking of moving on, a world famous chef is closing his restaurant in chicago that's been a go to a place in the windy city for 25 years. katy tur takes us inside. >> reporter: to truly know him you have to take a tour of his tissuen, stainless steel, not a fingerprint to be found, not a
8:23 am
drop of sauce out of place. >> reporter: would you call yourself politely -- >> insane. >> per snickty. >> if you want to use that. >> reporter: his self-described insanity has terrorized his line chefs. >> doesn't mean i dislike him. don't tell him i said that. >> it's harder than the army. it's harder than anything i've done in my life. >> reporter: harder than the army? >> harder than boot camp. >> harder than war. harder than anything you can imagine. >> reporter: they are kitchen battle scars but ones all agree come with nearly unparalleled training. >> you're back on track today? thank you. >> reporter: the result, masterpiece after masterpiece on plate after plate giving him award after award and acclaim in the windy city. >> i never set out to be
8:24 am
beloved. i will do what i have to do to get it to a certain level. ♪ >> reporter: now after all the success, a self-taught chef can only dream of, trotter is closing his doors. one of the pioneers of mod he were cuisine, the man who many credit with putting chicago on the culinary map is happeninging up his white coat and replacing it with a tweed blazer. >> personally, it's time for me to try something different. >> reporter: so he'll be taking on a degree in the decidedly calmer world of philosophy. his goal ostensibly to tra transitioning from torturing his line cooks to anyone who will listen. there's a guy -- ♪ >> reporter: the big question, will a new life buried in books really be able to replace a life
8:25 am
behind the burner. on that word trotter is characteristically mum. katy tur, nbc news, chicago. >> i never made it there. >> i never got there either. one of my biggest regrets. just ahead a labor day concert from matchbox twenty live on the plaza after your local news.
8:26 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> good morning. i am sarah caldwell to the checkered flag has dropped on forayltimore second floo into the grand prix. ticket sales were down from last year's event. they estimate about 100,000 people had to the city for the races. racing enthusiasts were pleased with the letter turnout, saying they had more room to watch the race and traveling was much easier. organizers are pleased with the way the event turned out. i was there. it was a good time. let's send it out to tony pann.
8:27 am
>> so far it is not that bad. scattered rain showers. under storms will develop and probably drop some heavy amounts of rain. dew points are running in the mid-7/8. light-to-moderate-rainshowers. cutting through our and carroll county. careers in the atmosphere are weak. it is impossible to say when storms pop up. flash flooding problems this afternoon. as ever but it goes back to work and school tomorrow, we keep a chance for rain at 60%. high near 82. there is another system that is going to come in right behind
8:28 am
this one. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. another update at 8:56.
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 on labor day monday morning, a crowd that will not wait until this afternoon for the end of summer break because matchbox twenty live on the concert. a full half hour of music. fans cannot wait. natalie morales along with carl
8:31 am
quintanilla and tamron hall. matt, savannah and al will be back tomorrow. >> matchbox twenty ready to dominate the charts once again. their first album of all new music coming up in 10 years. they take the stage for a full half hour. >> headed to the kitchen for a unique burger recipe. i don't know what makes it unique but you can find out today. >> inside al burger. sounds really good. maybe the end of beach season but that doesn't mean you have to pack up your entire closet. we're going to show you how to work some of those favorite pieces from the summer into the fall wardrobe. >> first stephanie abrams from the weather channel has a check of your forecast. good morning, steph. >> good morning. just talking to these girls. what did you talk about? >> i was so shocked to meet him in my lifetime. he asked us where we were from. >> such a nice guy. is he awesome?
8:32 am
>> yes. >> let's have a look at the weather as we head across the country. where are we going to see the sun, rain, showers, otherwise dry along the east coast labor day back towards tomorrow. >> good morning. we're off to a quiet start. scattered thunderstorms will develop this afternoon. some concede local >> for your weather 24 hours a day, all have you to do is go to now a check with our friend willard who is celebrating a birthday today. good morning, willard. >> how sweet it is, the great
8:33 am
taste of summertime. let's have a birthday salute as we take the candy. raymond showell, 107. can you believe that? i had to read it twice. lives by himself. lula jordan from dallas, texas, is 101 and has a beautiful singing voice. as a matter of fact she's a lead singer in the church. lovely voice. arthur shugars charles town, west virginia. that's where there's a pretty little racetrack. charles town, west virginia. 100 years old. secret to longevity, good booze and a good woman.
8:34 am
don't mind myself. lucil lucille schneider, st. joseph momo. 100 years old, a traveler, every continent except antartica. ted cox, we like him. i mean from bushnell, illinois, 100 years old today. avid hunter and carpenter. give him a hammer and nail and he can build an arc. lillian lamontagne. good beer there. 106 years old today. loves watching the boston red sox play in person or on tv. and now back to our favorite people in the world. >> all right. thanks so much, willard. coming up next a labor day concert on the plaza from matchbox twenty but firs
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> getting your labor day off to a rocking start this morning, ladies and gentlemen, matchbox twenty. ♪ ♪ ♪ she says it's cold outside and she hands me my raincoat ♪ ♪ she's always worried about things like that ♪
8:38 am
♪ she says it's all gonna end and it might as well be my fault ♪ ♪ and she only sleeps when it's raining ♪ ♪ and she screams ♪ and her voice is straining ♪ she says baby it's 3 am i must be lonely ♪ ♪ when she says baby well i can't help but be scared of it all sometimes ♪ ♪ says the rain's gonna wash away i believe it ♪ ♪ she's got a little bit of something ♪ ♪ god it's better than nothing ♪ ♪ and in her color portrait world she believes that she's got it all ♪
8:39 am
♪ she swears the moon don't hang quite as high as it used to ♪ ♪ and she only sleeps when it's raining ♪ ♪ and she screams and her voice is straining ♪ ♪ she says baby it's 3 am i must be lonely ♪ ♪ when she says baby well i can't help but be scared of it all sometimes ♪ ♪ says the rain's gonna wash away i believe it ♪ ♪ god help me i believe this. ♪ she believes that life is made up of all
8:40 am
that she's used to ♪ ♪ and the clock on the wall has been stuck at three for days and days ♪ ♪ she thinks that happiness is a mat that sits on her doorway ♪ ♪ outside it starts raining ♪ ♪ she says baby it's 3 am i must be lonely ♪ ♪ when she says baby well i can't help but be scared of it all sometimes ♪ ♪ says the rain's gonna wash away i believe it ♪ it's 3 am i must be lonely ♪ ♪ when she says baby
8:41 am
well i can't help but be scared of it all sometimes ♪ >> thank you. >> our concert is just getting started. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. henson, big day -- we're gonna fly to jersey, then mexico, china and france. you're going to travel through so many time zones, you're going to have jet lag for months. now sink your teeth into that big n' toasted if you're ready to soar. good. exits are here, here, and here. a big day calls for the big n' toasted breakfast sandwich, with fried eggs, cherrywood smoked bacon, and cheese, stacked high on texas toast. grab yours at dunkin' donuts. it's a breakfast favorite. start your big day with a big n' toasted breakfast sandwich from dunkin'. what can i get you ? cheeseburger. you know what, got any salads ?
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b-ball, anyone ? and then take your leg wide out to the side. you can do it, dad ! thanks, girls. i'm really proud of you, dad. make the most of your network with verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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matchbox twenty burst on the music scene. they sold more than 30 million albums worldwide. tomorrow they released their first album of all new music in 10 years. it's called north. matchbox twenty. good morning, guys. good to have you all here. >> thank you very much. >> rob, so good to have you back. we've missed you. what took the band so long to
8:44 am
put a whole new album together for 10 years. >> we lost each other's phone numbers. >> i don't believe that. >> totally true. we were doing our own thing. i made a solo record, kyle was, producing and writing. >> whose idea was it to say, hey, let's get back together again? we still have great music together? >> it was always the plan. we had figured out we're going to do this, in sony record, we'll do this. we were in communication, never a big break for us. >> you rent add house in nashville where you collaborated. did it come together smoothly or some bumps in a road. >> nothing worth its salt doesn't have bumps in the road on the way to it. overall we knew the whole time we were headed towards something we were proud of. >> the name of the album is significant, north. what does that money? >> directional north, we as people trying to figure out who they are, which way they are
8:45 am
headed. north seemed like an appropriate title. >> she's so mean, what does that mean? >> not about any of our lives. >> no wives. somebody we know perhaps? >> maybe. somebody everyone knows. >> okay. that tells me a lot. >> you're going to sing she's so mean now? >> we're excited about it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ she's an uptown, get around anything goes girl ♪ ♪ she's a hard core, candy store
8:46 am
give me some more girl ♪ ♪ she'll make you take her to the club but then she leaves with her friends she likes to stay late at the party because the fun never ends and all her clothes are on the floor and all your records are scratched she's like a one-way ticket because you can't come back sayin' yeah, you want her but she's so mean. >> you'll never let her go why don't you let her go. >> yeah, you want her but she's so mean ♪ ♪ why don't you let her go? >> you know if you don't shut your mouth she'll freak out ♪ ♪ you better get yourself together because she's bringing you down now ♪ ♪ yeah boy you better ♪ you better ♪ cause she's an uptown, get around
8:47 am
anything goes girl ♪ ♪ girl ♪ she's a hard core, candy store give me some more girl ♪ ♪ girl ♪ she's got a wicked sense of humor can't believe what she says she drinks baccardi in the morning till she goes to her head. >> and all you want is just to hold her but she don't go for that ♪ ♪ she has a hard time coming back when she can't hit back ♪ ♪ saying yeah, you want her but she's so mean ♪ ♪ yeah you want her but she's so mean. >> why don't you let her go ♪ ♪ every now and then she makes you just a little bit crazy she'll turn the knife into your back and and then she's calling you
8:48 am
baby ♪ ♪ crazy >> let me hear you, new york! ♪ she'll make you take her to the club but then she leaves with her friends she likes to stay late at the party. >> cause the fun never ends and all her clothes are on the floor and all your records are scratched she's like a one-way ticket cause you can't come back ♪ ♪ saying yeah you want her. >> but she's so mean you'll never let her go why don't you let her go? now you want her but she's so mean you'll never let her go why don't you let her go. >> yeah and you want her yeah you want her i know how you want her but she's so mean ♪
8:49 am
♪ you'll never let her go why don't you let her go? ♪ ♪ >> we'll have more music from matchbox twenty in a moment. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it. four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland.
8:51 am
>> our crowd is enjoying the special labor day concert. give it up one more time for matchbox twenty. ♪ ♪
8:52 am
♪ i believe the world is burning to the ground ♪ ♪ oh, well i guess we're gonna find out ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ i believe it all is coming to an end ♪ ♪ oh, well i guess we're gonna pretend ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ i think it turned 10:00 but i don't really know and i can't remember caring for an hour or so ♪ ♪ started crying and i couldn't stop myself i started running but there's nowhere to run to ♪ ♪ i sat down on the street took a look at myself said, "where you going man? you know the world ♪ ♪ is headed for hell say your good-byes if you've got someone you can say good-bye to ♪ ♪ i believe the world is burning to the ground ♪ ♪ oh, well i guess we're gonna find out ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪
8:53 am
♪ i believe it all is coming to an end ♪ ♪ oh, well i guess we're gonna pretend ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ it's gone, gone baby it's all gone there's no one on the corner and there's no one at home ♪ ♪ well, it was cool, cool it was just all cool now, it's over for me and it's over for you ♪ ♪ it's gone, gone baby it's all gone there's no one on the corner and there's no one at home ♪ ♪ well, it was cool, cool it was just all cool now, it's over for me and it's over for you ♪ ♪ i believe the world is burning to the ground ♪ ♪ oh, well i guess we're gonna find out ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far
8:54 am
we've come ♪ ♪ i believe it all is coming to an end ♪ ♪ oh, well i guess we're gonna pretend ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come let's see how far we've come ♪ ♪ let's see how far we've come ♪ >> thank you! >> matchbox twenty. they will be back with one more song a little bit later. but first your local news. ♪
8:55 am
8:56 am
>> this is wbal-tv 11 news in baltimore. >> no word on what set off a two-alarm fire in dundalk. fire crews were called just before 7:30 sunday night.
8:57 am
fighters rushed customers out
8:58 am
>> good morning, everyone. it will be a warm and humid day to day. some of those will produce local, heavy amounts of rain. the chance for rain will stay with us through tomorrow. >> we are back
8:59 am

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